Billion Dollar Company Book

Billion Dollar Company

An entrepreneur's guide to business models for high growth companies by Robert H. Hacker

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Rapid Growth with Billion Dollar Company

by: Mike Maseda, CEO, Avisena, Inc.

Billion Dollar Company is a great "how to" guide for starting and building a rapidly growing business. If you are an entrepreneur you should take notice of this structured approach to business. Missing a step could lead to failure. Bob makes sure all of the bases are covered with this practical framework that is delivered in a real-life context full of examples. The key questions is do you have the discipline to follow it?

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Robert H. Hacker
Video review by Dr. Jeff Stamp

I can't put-this book down

by: Rita

As an entrepreneur, I gained much from Robert Hacker's latest creation, Billion Dollar Company. It is a thought-provoking, insightful read. An "I-can't put-this-down" type of read.

Billion Dollar Company really delivers and you can absorb the material in a matter of a few short hours. Now that is a great lesson!

I especially loved the real-world points Mr. Hacker made and the examples he used. They were both helpful and inspiring. I am certain that this book will be used as a reference guide in the years to come. It is on my library shelf now, never to be lent out (you never get those books back!!).

Strong Buy Recommendation!!!

by: Kevin Otway

I found this book to be a good synthesis of concepts, that is concise, logical, and flowed well. I found it hard to put this book down! And with less than 100 pages, it was a quick read! It is a great reference guide for building business models & financial models. This book has real life, applicable insights that make for a great entrepreneur's guide.

This is for serious entrepreneurs who really want to build something. This is NOT for the get rich folks. So, if you are thinking of starting a business, growing a business, or already have a business and want to grow it, this is the ONLY book you may need!

As a practicing entrepreneur, I immediately saw the value in every page I read. Every page I turned, yielded a well thought out process with a cohesive message. I completed this book ready to get to work building my own business & financial models and plan to refer back to this book often!

Must read for any entrepreneur

by: Miami Reader

Whether you are thinking about starting a company or already running a company, this book is an absolute must-read. Applying the frameworks presented in this book will provide you with an intelligent view of your business - from what your TRUE costs are to what your MOST profitable revenue generating operations are. The methodology Hacker presents is based on years of working with companies who were a bit hazy on what the mechanics of their business really were. His methods will give a business owner (novice or expert) a crystal clear view of their business that is insightful and more importantly, USEFUL for growing to be a billion dollar company. If only this book were available and used by my MBA finance professors, I might not have struggled so much with understanding why comparing and analyzing the financial metrics of a company are so imperative for growth and success. It is truly a brilliant step-by-step guide to entrepreneurial finance, sales, and most importantly: strategy.

"Bob Hacker has tackled, in simple language and numbers, the bain of many entrepreneurs: to build a compelling business model. He deals in straight forward terms with the often unacknowledged conflicts between revenue growth, profitability, and cash flow. This book helps one better understand these conflicts and how to navigate the difficult decisions that growing a venture requires."

Dr. Alan Carsrud,
Loretta Rogers Chair of Entrepreneurship Research
Professor of Entrepreneurship & Strategy Ryerson University


"Every MBA student and entrepreneur should read this book. Practical, well written and will be a staple for the International Finance Class at Sloan."

Charles Kane,
Adjunct Professor MIT Sloan School of Management

"A great read for any entrepreneur who wants no nonsense how to advice from a business man who has built businesses on the factory floor, not in a classroom."

John G. Igoe,
Partner Edwards Angell Palmer & Dodge LLP

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